Valet Parking Services.

Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel, a private company, provides an online booking and payment service to clients wishing to make use of Valet Parking Services from King Shaka International Airport, Durban Harbour and Durban Coach (bus) depot at Durban Station and does not provide the actual Valet Parking Service. The actual service is provided by Service Providers, selected by the Client at the time of making the booking.

Please note that Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel is not Affiliated or Associated with ACSA (Airports Company of South Africa) or The Durban Port Authority or their Security Companies and all services rendered by Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel, are in a private capacity.

Although Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel have checked that the Service Providers are reputable, trustworthy, fully insured and have suitable secure premises with 24 hr security,  Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel cannot take any responsibility, what so ever, for any kind of loss, incident or happening with regards to the supply of the actual Valet Parking Service. Responsibility of the actual Valet Parking Service will be at all times remain with the Service Provider.

Vehicles are parked off site, on the premises of the Service Provider. Vehicles are collected from the client at the drop off point and driven by the Valet Driver to the premises of the Service Provider. Here it is stored until the client’s return, when it will be handed back to the client. (Collection Point).

Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel will not get involved in any dispute or form of dispute between the Client and the Service Provider, nor will the Client have any claim, what so ever, against Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel with regards any other services, that may have been rendered or not, besides the Online Booking and Payment Services.

Bookings completed online, will only be confirmed with the Service Provider, selected by the client, when the payment made by the Client, as per payment options provided,  has been confirmed, as either approved or cleared by our bank in case of an EFT made directly to our bank account. We do not accept cash deposits, without inclusion of bank fees, to our account. No cheque payments whatsoever will be accepted. Any person making a cheque deposit into our account, will have to pay the full amount again when the vehicle is collected by the Service Provider as Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel will have the cheque payment cancelled.

Clients making use of SCODE in conjunction with participating Stores, may make payments in any way acceptable to the participating store and as per their Terms and Conditions. Payments are made in person over the counter by means of a Bar-Code issued to the client either by email or SMS (As selected by the client).

Clients making a Booking within a 7 day time frame of the Clients departure, will be charged a deposit only and the balance must be paid directly to the Service Provider on collection of the vehicle. Clients making a booking in excess of a 7 day time frame of departure may select to either pay a deposit or  the full amount at the time of making the booking.

Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel will not remind or request payments from the Client after the booking has been made. Should no payment be made, the booking will automatically be cancelled, without further notice, 24 hrs after it was made or after 5 hours should it be made within 24 hrs of departure.

A no show or failure to cancel the booking at least 48 hours prior to departure will result in No Refunds being considered at all. In all other cases where bookings are cancelled, refunds will be considered and will be minus a 20% service fee on the total paid to date for the parking. Refunds will only be in the form of a discount coupon code that may be used in any future booking, no cash refunds will be considered at all .

No refunds will be considered after the booking has started and the client, for what ever reason, returns earlier than originally booked. Any periods that the client requests to be extended, after the booking has started, will be charged on a daily rate and has to be paid in full prior to return. The Service Provider will not hand back the vehicle if any amount is outstanding.

Affiliation Programs:

Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel offer services like Online Flight, Hotel and Car Rental booking services and Travel Insurance. All these services are offered by third party companies and as per their Terms and Conditions. Each company’s Terms and Conditions may be viewed on their own websites. Durban (Ethekwini) Park & Travel cannot take any responsibility for and service rendered or no rendered by these third party companies.

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