How To Use Our Website


The website consists of only a few easy to use pages. All these are accessible through the menu at the top, below our Name. Here you will find 5 Tabs (1) Home, with two sub menus Terms and Conditions and About Us (2) Quotations and New Bookings (3) Make Booking Changes (4) Express Bookings (5) My Cart, with a sub menu Checkout:

(1) HOME: This page is an introduction to the services we offer with quick links to getting a quotation and reading our Terms and Conditions.

(2) QUOTATIONS AND NEW BOOKINGS: This page is purely used to get a no obligation quotation for your parking requirements, and if acceptable to you continue to make the booking, select your payment options and method and complete the booking. (The Quotation / Booking form is straight forward and very easy to complete.

(3) MAKE BOOKING CHANGES:  This page is for making changes to existing bookings. By simply entering the booking reference of the booking you need to change or even perhaps have to cancel, that booking will be called up and presented to you. All you need to do is to specify that you need to make changes or perhaps cancel the booking. Circumstances change and therefore so do travel arrangements, some just need to be changed, perhaps a later departure date, or arriving back on an earlier date, perhaps things have changed so much that this booking has to be cancelled for now. We understand this, being in the business from 2006, we have witnessed many such changes and cancellations. Therefore we, at Durban (Ethekwini)Parking do not penalize our clients should they have to change or cancel bookings already made.

Any booking altered and the time period now becomes a longer period the client automatically gets the balance due immediately and can pay it before leaving the site or by EFT as soon as possible. Should the period of parking, with changes, become shorter or if the parking is cancelled, the full amount due for the days the period has been shortened or if cancelled the full amount of the parking, is refunded, less a small service fee, in the form of a discount coupon to that value, that may be used anytime in the future for the next booking, as it has no expiry date. You therefore loose nothing in the case of changes or cancellations. Discount Coupons are emailed to the client within 24 hours of we receiving such change or cancellation. No cash refunds can be considered.

The only rule that applies, in both, with changes and cancellations is that it be done online only and cannot be accepted by telephone and that such changes or cancellations be affected either 12 hours before departure date, in case of changes or cancellation, affecting the departure date or 12 hours prior to any changes affecting the return date. Any change that affect the period being extended must be paid, online at the time of making such changes.

(4) EXPRESS BOOKINGS: If you are a client who has previously made a booking through Durban (Ethekwini) Parking, then you can make bookings quite faster than first time clients, as all your information is stored by us during the time you make a booking. (This information excludes any private information such as bank cards (Credit or Debit Card details, this information remains private and only known by your bank or financial institution.)

To make an express booking, simply use a previous booking reference, enter that, and your booking form will be opened with most details filled in for you. You just fill in things like departure and return dates, type of valet parking required, return details like flight number, etc. The process is exactly the same as before, just now you are saving valuable time by not having to fill in all the information like names, vehicle details, etc. Should any of this changed just correct the details as you go along. Payment options and methods remain exactly the same.

(5) MY CART: This page is quite a handy to have, it could happen that you need to make a booking, but at the time do not have a bank card or even banking details handy. So make the booking and complete it up to the point where your Cart (Basket) is displayed to you. You can now safely exit. The payment details and brief summary remains in your cart, and your booking is placed on hold for 24 hours. This provides ample time for you to return, click on the Tab MY CART, and your transaction details are automatically loaded again. From here you can complete your payment, by card or select EFT to get our banking details to pay by EFT, and get your booking confirmed.

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