Bookings by Email

Durban Parking will accept valet parking bookings by email. The following rules apply.

  1. Bookings will only be accepted by email, if the departure date is more than 48 hours from the date and time of requesting the booking.
  2. All bookings made by email must be fully paid for by EFT within 24 hours from date of confirmation of booking. Banking details are automatically supplied with confirmation of booking.
  3. Bookings will automatically cancelled should no payment be confirmed within 24 hours of booking made.
  4. No payment facilities are available at the Airport, Harbour or Coach Depot. All bookings are paid in full prior to departure.
  5. The following information must be supplied in order for us to make the booking. Please ensure to include all required information or we might not be able to complete your booking request.
    • Name and Surname
    • Cell phone contact number
    • Valid Email address
    • Vehicle details: Make, Colour and Registration number.
    • Vehicle drop off date and time (Departure date)
    • Return date and collection time.
    • Return flight number (or coach or ship name)
    • if Pensioner, date of birth.
    • Postal or Street address.
  6. Email your booking to:
  7. You will receive a booking Order with a summery of the booking after we processed your information, our banking details are reflected on it for payment. Also attached will be and Invoice for your records.
  8. Once we have received your payment confirmation, you will receive a Booking Order Completion, this confirms the booking.