From 2006 to present Our Core business was Press Fleet Management for some of South Africa’s largest motor manufacturers. This basically involves the distribution of all latest vehicles to Motoring Journalists in KZN, to be test driven by them and in return for this, the motor manufacturer would get free review publications.

In 2010 Audi South Africa approached us to provide a Valet Service for some of their blue chip customers during the launch of the new Audi A8 in George. We would collect the clients cars from he airport, look after them, clean them and return them to the clients when they returned.

This worked very well and we saw a gap in the market to provide such a service to the general public, and so TPMS was born and became the first ever Valet Parking Company at King Shaka International Airport.

Through the years much happened and various other companies sprung up, some good and others not so good and disappeared with time. In 2015 we sold TPMS, in good faith, as we felt it became time to retire. It turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes we could have made, as it took the new owners only 3 months to ruin the company totally. This unfortunately gaveĀ  valet parking in general a real bad name.

In early 2016 we were approached by numerous of our old clients to come back and provide a proper Valet Parking service again. We however did not see our way through as the long hours took its toll on us, hence we created OMS (Online Management Services) and basically became he first Online Booking Service for valet parking.

After nearly a year and a half year we decided to make some changes to the basic idea of Online Booking and payment Services. Hopefully we have through experience the right recipe to provide an online booking and payment service and provide valet parking services through some trusted service providers. We also changed our name to a more appropriate name. We are confident that us changing to Durban (Ethekwini) Parking will be a service that will once again become the trusted Valet Parking Service here in Durban.

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