Parking Options

Ethekwini (Durban) Parking offers, you the Client, two parking options and various payment methods. This page explains these options in detail.

a) Basic Airport / Harbour Valet Parking: This would be the normal selection for most people that travel now and then, it could be from 1 to a few days per month / year or even only when going on holiday. Click on the picture to make a booking.

The Client makes an online booking selecting Airport, Harbour or a combination of both Airport and Harbour booking on the booking form. Supplies name, travel dates etc. and gets an instant quotation. This quotation can now either be accepted or declined, no payment is required if the quotation is declined. If it is accepted, then a minimum payment (EFT or Online Payment) equal to 20% of the total cost, is required to secure the parking and the balance remaining may be paid to the Service Provider at the time when they collect your vehicle on the day of your departure. The full amount may however be paid when making the booking.

Get a pensioner discount of 10% on any booking. To make a booking just complete the booking form, submit it and make your payment of at least the deposit (either online or by EFT), and your booking will be confirmed. Please note without payment of at least the deposit, the booking will not be confirmed. After the payment has been paid and confirmed, the Service Provider will be in touch to provide you with information, contact numbers, etc. of what to do on your day of departure.

b) Corporate Parking Program: This option is ideal for the frequent traveler, like  business persons, who travel quite regularly during a month, not specifically every week for the whole week, but it could be every few days or once a week for one or more days, it really does not matter how many times. The clients pays a fixed amount of R 700.00 per month (Period) and parks unlimited times during that period, no restrictions, pay R 800.00 per month (period), includes 2 vehicles with a restriction that the two vehicles may not park during the same dates, Pay R 1400.00 per month and include up to 4 vehicles with a restriction that no more than two vehicles may park during the same dates or pay R 2000.00 per month and include up to 6 vehicles with a restriction that no more than 3 vehicles may park during the same dates. Or pay R 6000.00 per month and include 7 to 10 vehicles with no restrictions, any or all vehicles have unlimited parking and may be parked during the same dates.  No contracts are involved and you can park unlimited times per month, terms and conditions apply. The month starts from the date that you enter for the start date of the first booking and selecting Corporate Parking Program, not from the date that you make the booking online. This activates your first parking for that month and the period will be valid to the same date of the following month. Click on the picture to make a booking.

Download our PDF for detailed information:Corporate Parking Program

Now here is the bonus, remember no contracts are involved. Once a month has been completed. the next month only starts from the day that you activate the first booking for that month again and this again lasts to the same day of the next month. Or if you do not require it anymore, want to remove or add vehicles or maybe only use it again in a few months, it does not matter, you are in charge of how this service is utilised and you do not have to activate the next period immediately. There is only one rule, if a period has been activated and paid for, that period cannot be changed or a partial refund requested if that period is not used. This is real value for money for you the regular traveler and your free wash and vacuum is still included, unfortunately Pensioner discounts and account facilities do not apply with this option.

To make a first booking is very easy. Just make a booking, select Corporate Parking Program under Type of Valet Parking and the system will select the rate for the next month. For example for up to 2 vehicles, a minimum payment (deposit) of 20% of R 800.00 (R 160.00) is payable to secure the corporate rate and parking for the next month at the time of making the booking and payable Online or by EFT, before the booking will be confirmed. The full amount may however also be paid at the time of making the booking, if not and only the Deposit is paid then the balance will be payable to the Service Provider by the time they collect your vehicle for the first time.

From here on, during the active period, every time you need parking or anyone that is listed on your program, simply click on the appropriate tab above (it is a sub menu under “Make a Booking” tab). Make sure That everyone on your program has your booking reference number when you activated the Corporate Parking program as it is required to make a new booking within the period. You will automatically be reminded, a few days before, that this period is ending and that you will be required to make a new corporate booking, in the same way as the previous one, to activate the next period. Pay at least the deposit (EFT or Online) to confirm the booking and if applicable, the balance to the Service Provider when they collect your car the first time in the new period. To make this new booking and future initial Corporate bookings more easy, you can call your information up with a previous booking reference number and only fill in a few relevant details like dates and times, thereby also saving you valuable time. For you the regular traveler, this is the choice to save money on your parking costs, without compromising on quality of service.

Should anything not be clear please email me at and I will gladly assist with your enquiries